Your dazzling smile,
a mile wide,
Ocean of grief it hides

Your twinkling eyes,
Sheds tears of pearl,
When alone,
in the bed you curl

No one comes to stop that tide!

Oh maiden fair!
Your feet are bare
As u trudge in pain

Laden with responsibilities
Guilt and duty
Are your booty
As you walk with trembling unsure steps!

Scarred is your heart,
Scarred your soul
And no one to hold..
To console

No one seems to care!

So tired you are.. so alone
Despair. your companion
You.. Fate’s minion

My angel come into my bosom
Oh the unsung symphony
the unheard harmony
Rest awhile
Rest.. in me with a smile

Death beckons….



  1. want to come back to this later… but yeah same observations as I made earlier: try to avoid abbreviated spellings… and at places I find that the rhythm is not aiding the verse but constraining it. Of course coming from someone who knows nothing abt beautiful rhyme, you shouldn’t take this too seriously 😛

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