journey unknown

Away from home,
I wilderness I roam
Wilderness so desolate
Is it too late?

There is darkness all around
No one is to be found
To comfort
Cant anyone make an effort?

In stillness of the night,
I fight,
A lonely battle
Someone come and startle!
Me…. Is this fatal ?

I want to flee
I want to run from me!
But where??? How???
I do not know!
Cant anyone show ?

The coldness of night chills
Tears in my eyes fills
In memories I am drowned!
Won’t anyone come around?

This road is long and weary
And the forest deep
The surrounding is so scary..
Wont anyone come along?
wont anyone peep?



  1. hmm..
    ohh my meeni teeni meenu!..
    hard-hitting…to the point..plain n simple…(without ur intense vocab..*phew!*)
    loved it!..felt it…[:)]
    could relate to it pretty well…


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