Helpless Tears

Gentle shower
Each drop trickling
From the white clouds
Each drop holds
Countless memories in its fold
As one goes down the next gets ready..
Glittering like a pearl
emerging with a blink
Leaving trails

tears of blood
soon mingles with mud
swept away afar
Leaving indiscernable scar

poor man’s wealth
comes out with stealth
Lest someone steals
the life breath away

mingling with rain
Hiding pain insane
As she lies there cold

tears of gold
No one ever told
about the savage world

shed in vain
As the blood stain
The dark cul de sac

No longer a child
as she complied
Ravage of vile nature
Poor helpless creature

None heeded her screaming
fear…anger.. shame teeming
tears held no meaning



  1. aww, honey! >:D< :* i think i know wat u r tryin to express... get over it, honey. get over it!

  2. sigh! one saw.

    no meaning. yes.

    beautiful..sad …and everything what touches a soul..

    the turth.

    love ya! >:D<>:D<

  3. This is by far, one of the best ones i’ve read from your Blog.
    And yet, i’ve read so little.
    I’m gonna find more time and read more of your works.
    Loved this one.
    Beautifully expressed.
    Awesome and serene.

  4. “tears
    shed in vain
    As the blood stain
    The dark cul de sac” – I loved this part. And I loved your other verse about tears too; that seemed a lot more profound while this is a lot simpler and more spontaneous.

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