Words go topsy-turvy
Jumble and crumble
As they repeat themselves
I search
Myself in this web
Words on words
Did it ever occurred
To you
They lose meaning
a castle of letters
that Shatters
With the coming wind
How little they mean
Coz they are not what they seem
Effervescent ramblings
Words.. meaningless words



  1. Words, they say it all and hide it all too.

    very well expresssed and very well hidden


    you know you are my inspiration..

    what can i write more? 🙂

    walk on, i am walking beside you.

  2. surprise… surprise… I wish words were “genuinely” ephemeral “all the time. If they were, we would not remember all the lovely praise and acclaims; but on the positive side we would not remember the baseless scathing rants directed out of revenge or anger etc.
    BUT… as is the human mind words which pack in negative feelings – a cliched expression I use for want of a better one – stick longer in memory.

    But as for words “losing” meaning (over time)… I kind of know where you are coming from and know that there is more than just a grain of truth in it!

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