Some random scribblings

bikhre nishan, behke kadam
toot-te sapne, choot-ta daaman
Chahat chand ki, raat amavas ki
Dhoondti hai nigahen, jhalak yaar ki


Kadakti dhoop, aahat baarish ki
talleen dharti, mehak mitti ki
fir wahi shaam, tapri waali chai ki
woh bheege hont, yaad aati hai dastaan pyaar ki


Helpless Tears

Gentle shower
Each drop trickling
From the white clouds
Each drop holds
Countless memories in its fold
As one goes down the next gets ready..
Glittering like a pearl
emerging with a blink
Leaving trails

tears of blood
soon mingles with mud
swept away afar
Leaving indiscernable scar

poor man’s wealth
comes out with stealth
Lest someone steals
the life breath away

mingling with rain
Hiding pain insane
As she lies there cold

tears of gold
No one ever told
about the savage world

shed in vain
As the blood stain
The dark cul de sac

No longer a child
as she complied
Ravage of vile nature
Poor helpless creature

None heeded her screaming
fear…anger.. shame teeming
tears held no meaning


Words go topsy-turvy
Jumble and crumble
As they repeat themselves
I search
Myself in this web
Words on words
Did it ever occurred
To you
They lose meaning
a castle of letters
that Shatters
With the coming wind
How little they mean
Coz they are not what they seem
Effervescent ramblings
Words.. meaningless words


Bedlam of voices, bevy of thoughts echoes
Down the corridor of nothingness
A pull here, a shove there
a web of emotions laid thread bare
Confusion reign high,
Plans awry,Flummoxed!
Seeking and yet not
In a perplexing cycle caught
Stray roads.. complex bends.. twisted detours
I explore the unknown as my heart beat soars
Life, the unprecedented life…
A journey, From darkness to light


He had stars in his eyes
He didnt see her sighs
He wanted to go to the war
Martyr to the country
Brought in his eyes, stars

Trepidated, duty torn
She tries to make him stay
All he mustered was a scorn
For his mother forlorn
Amidst the cheer of hoarding crowd
He walked away..

She knows he may never return
Feigning smile,As her heart yearns
Hiding fears and concern
There she boldly stands
Gaily Waving her hands

Rivers of blood doesflow,In country woebegone
Some will rejoice, while others mourn
Innocence lost, will leave a mark
On him; the truth stark.
Beholden to war mongering sharks

months pass by, war never ends
But sooner or later they do send
His mortal remains
He died as a soldier brave
But would it give solace ?
For the lady by his grave

Not a single tear did she shed
For her son,the dead.
Posthomus they gave her the plaque
With words ostenious and fake
To hold in his wake

Not a single tear did she shed
For the child she raised and fed
Tears of heart, frozen as ice
This was her sacrifice
For sins of her fellow beings,
she paid the price!

New day has come

I was waiting for so long
To find a place that I belong
But I was searching all wrong
I got to play along
Yes troubles may prolong
But success will come,
If i stay strong
Coz patience is the key
And hardwork you see
I didnt want to try
All i did was cry
Wht fear did I have?
Of failure
But can anyone conjure
Success as it is?
I finally locked the fears
made them disappear
Now i will persevere
Not matter what
I will adhere
I will succeed
Coz new day has come
Splendid and awesome

If only I could go out

If only i could go out..
impregnated silence will welcome me
death like wind will hug me
all encompassing fog
Will hide me
I can dance i can scream
I can shout
If only i could go out

lonely travellers of forlorn night
Will greet me at my sight
Slowly entangled in innane fight
I wont shiver in fright
As musquitoes play music for me
I could finally be free
nebuleous shadows
Following,Wherever I’ll go
Night in its bosom invites

If only I could go out


Spinning round and round
Lost,Cannot be found
Embracing darkenss
Comfort in its starkness
Unheeded vanity
Edge of insanity
Sojorn where delusions abound
Experiencing the caligo
Caught in a vertigo
Anchoraged to ground