As I sit behind the gilded bar,
I dream,
About lands so far
Where butterflies dance in glee
And the air you breathe is free.

I notice that the lid is open,
Stealthily I try to break free
Alas, its just a ruse
Tied to my leg, was a noose.

Accompanied by your roaring laughter,
my frenzied dreams did shatter
For you it was just fun
Playing god.. you were my son….

Fettered, with a piece of thread,
Enslaved future, You, I dread.
soon after you lost interest
in me; left in the box
Chained by you
Choked, chained in death..



  1. am i tha phirst one to unravel?? *looks around*

    well well, lemme take the ribbon cuttin honour… 😀 hehe

    need i say somethingto praise the post?? i knw how many women get chained by motherhood wen they give their life to their children, and then the children leave em 😦

  2. honey, y do i find some sorta darkness in ur poems these days? lotsa them, i mean. r u lookin for freedom from somethin? :O
    its beautiful, btw… 🙂

  3. hmmm… I agree with Neeru regarding gray mood ! maybe it’s the winters or maybe something else. 🙂
    But the poems are extra-ordinarily deep 🙂 very good read !

  4. Well the poem reflects the topic 😛

    this is about a dragon fly.. a small kid has kept it in a small box..
    he opens it to let it fly.. controlling it with a piece of thread..

    when bored.. he forgets that the fly is still in the box.. n the fly dies…

  5. sad, how a fly life can be…sorta reminds me of my life…

    vinnie the fly…lolz…!!

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