More than words…..

The way you touch

Tells me so much

much more than

Your words even

I know you are shy

I know you try

I know I see

But you dont need to honey

Read my eyes

Hear my breath

We dont need words

We love each other till death

everytime we hold hands

Every time we stand

Togather against the world

Words we can’t afford

For feelings that means

More than words

How can we containthis feeling

which no one can attain

Do not try dear do not say

Let you heart do the work today

More than words

more than life

more than dreams

more than death even

Our feelings dear,

Our love is all i believe in

You , is all i believe in

More than words

More than words………….



  1. lol u r NO different from me when it comes to romantic feelins honey! i loved it! πŸ™‚

  2. now !! … thats one helluva positively romantic one πŸ˜›
    …and lovely too πŸ™‚

  3. if only ppl understood that love isnt words its feelings…how i wish more ppl were like u…

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