Kiss in the rain…

Drops of water in the pane..
Surging passion in my veins..
Smouldering need in you eyes
And reflected in my sigh
We tried hard to contain
it was not us but the rain.

Lost in wilderness within the shack
We shared a night till the crack…
searching and yet not meeting.
The gaze relentless in its seeking..
the golden haze of smoking fire
indicating of consequences dire

And yet lost in our own dance
Waiting for a unheeded chance.
We waited seeming for eternity..
it was but for an opputunity.
Accepting the inevitable.
And yet waiting for the conceivable…

In that instance lightening stroke
Leaving all the cautions to wind
I ran towards that unworthy bloke
Emboldened by my mistake
I didnt realize till the end
He held me tighter ..that rake

And then it happened like a dream
Corny as it may seem
We kissed senseless in the rain
We tried hard to refrain
Since that day we have been togather
Oh it was a kiss forever



  1. first two verses are too good…3rd & 5th are good too 😀

    hmmm..that leaves the 4th one ..or maybe I didnt quite get it 🙂

  2. it was filmy touch 😛

    he he he i dint much like it too… guess the forcedness shows Le sigh!

  3. your kiss was class act..serious..

    myn was playful..vulgar….

    i find this difference very interesting……

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