some oerwrought feelings

I made a mistake.
We came togather..
I know too much was on stake
Believe me for me too.. but it was not meant to be for ever…

I tried to reason with u..
I tried being tough
Oh but what wud make u understand
I have no clue

Yes u love me. but i dont
Yes u wanna be togather but i wont!
What can b done abt this?
If things cud have been changed just by a wish!

Its been more than a year
Twice than we were ever togather
do u really care for me now
Or is it your fear ?

What ever it is
Do not come hither
Coz u can coz
This flower to wither….



  1. =)

    Im really happy you gave it a try, your very good at it.

    try and rhyme a little more though.

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