Dedicated to @#$ :P :P

Come hither come hither
My eyes says.. but you cannot see
Let me in let me understand you
But you are not free

In the swirl of virtuality
Is this reality??
My heart says say yes..
Mind orders. dont get into this mess

And yet.. i cannot just be
oh how you intrigue me
oh mystic you cryptic
The absolute vague..

I wish i know you better
I wish i know u to the letter
But it will take time..
I can wait for what is mine..
But are you?

So many questions so many sighs
When you answer i will go high
I guess high on happiness
Or will it be madness

You got the key
All i can do is just be
Living with this confusion
Or is it delusion ?

Blog song

This poem is dedicated for Vishal and all those who dont blog after the first time 🙂

As i look at you blog
Alone and desolate
Waiting for the owner to log
And then to clear the clog
In his head

It waits for words
Deep hidden
Thoughts with wings

Like birds, It waits

As i look at the man with guitar
Craving for some song
clitter clatter of your mouse
Some love song.. or some swan song!

And then I turn to mine
All ready to shine
My itterly bitterly thoughts
With renewed energy
If not anything else i atleast whine!
Not let my blog alone : :

All or nothing at all

Tell me your innermost dreams
Your fears .. the world as it seems
I want all or nothing at all

Tell me how much you love me
how much you miss me
tell me you cant live without me
tell me tell me all!

give me your insecurities, all your fallacies
give me all …
I want all or nothing at all

I want you joys your sadness.
I want to hold you..
In my arms you can find madness
Forget your worries forget all

Reach for me when you fall
Reach for me when you are lost
reach for me in troubles soo deep
Reach for me in you sleep
I’ll be there whenever you call
Reach for me

Share with me.. your life
I’ll be there in every strife
I’ll be there in your happiness
I will share
Let me hold you let me care
I want all or nothing at all

Kiss in the rain…

Drops of water in the pane..
Surging passion in my veins..
Smouldering need in you eyes
And reflected in my sigh
We tried hard to contain
it was not us but the rain.

Lost in wilderness within the shack
We shared a night till the crack…
searching and yet not meeting.
The gaze relentless in its seeking..
the golden haze of smoking fire
indicating of consequences dire

And yet lost in our own dance
Waiting for a unheeded chance.
We waited seeming for eternity..
it was but for an opputunity.
Accepting the inevitable.
And yet waiting for the conceivable…

In that instance lightening stroke
Leaving all the cautions to wind
I ran towards that unworthy bloke
Emboldened by my mistake
I didnt realize till the end
He held me tighter ..that rake

And then it happened like a dream
Corny as it may seem
We kissed senseless in the rain
We tried hard to refrain
Since that day we have been togather
Oh it was a kiss forever

Forever and a day….

Magic in the dawn
Chirping birds on the lawn
Wasn’t it perfect
On that special day?

And yet i didnt see the birds
nor the flowers that unfurled
Coz i was looking out for you
You. my honey.. my world…

eyes lost into eyes..
hands enclasped never to let go
in every every sigh
love.. you did show..

That day.. do you remember ?
You promised me … forever
enmeshed with me in heavenly dance.
Bliss in every glance..

It is again a magical dawn
birds are still in the lawn
and I wait for you.. yet
You have long passed away..

Its been an year since that day.
When lady love scorned my way
Love is lost so are you..
Borrowed joy lost like the morning dew..

Random thought!

Randomly in and randomly out
You keep bugging me oh randomly thought

I tried hard and i never sought
At every step i valiantly fought

But out you pop.. enter my mind
And there is nothing else i can find

Until i express my randomly thought
And you get the due u feel u ought! [:x]

P.S: yep am in poetic mood.. cant stop rhyming dude!

some oerwrought feelings

I made a mistake.
We came togather..
I know too much was on stake
Believe me for me too.. but it was not meant to be for ever…

I tried to reason with u..
I tried being tough
Oh but what wud make u understand
I have no clue

Yes u love me. but i dont
Yes u wanna be togather but i wont!
What can b done abt this?
If things cud have been changed just by a wish!

Its been more than a year
Twice than we were ever togather
do u really care for me now
Or is it your fear ?

What ever it is
Do not come hither
Coz u can coz
This flower to wither….