Alone and longing…


P.S:  Its a bit sad i know but its in reply to an email a friend sent…

Good bye

Good bye my love.

Fallacies of this recalcitrant heart shall  trouble you no longer.
For the skies in which its dreams flew is overcast with tears.

Good bye my love.

Tapestries of these tattered emotions shall choke you no longer
For the thread of hope that held it together is tangled beyond repair.

Good bye my love.

Cobwebs of eager questions shall addle you no longer
For the inquisitive words that spun endlessly have tumbled in despair!

Good bye my love.

Fountain of tender musings shall  drown you no longer
For the walls that contained it has been broken asunder

Good bye my love,

Rainbows of my imagination shall color you no longer
For the bleakness of my grief has smeared it forever

Good bye my love, my capricious fantasy
From the shackles of my heart, I cast you free


Tonight lets write a poem
While you dwadldle with the meter
I shall find the rhyme.

Tonight lets write a poem
While I describe the twinkling stars and inky blue sky
You can play with the clouds flitting by

Tonight lets write a poem
While you carve out a beautiful phrase,
I shall steal the shine from your absent gaze

Tonight lets write a poem.
While I go through the whole gamut of emotions,
You can fly high on imagination…

so shall we write a poem tonight?


Behold my

Ebullient passion





Hold me close  as I,


Dissolve into ripples of pleasure


Bosom heaves
Errant heart beats
Weak knees
Instinctively capsize
Tyrant you smile
Captive me,
Hold  breath for that-
Decadent pleasure

Prompted by : Acrostic only

Breast Cancer -An acrostic

Blot out these-
Rebellious cells
Scoop them out
Tarnished body wails!

Contours lost
Awry lines
Never will be set right
Cure elusive as I,
Endure in hope
Respite cannot be far

Prompted at : Acrostic poetry

P.S: It is not new.. I am struggling hard to find words to express my feelings.. and the words I do find.. seem not enough ! Anyhow.. this is my desperate attempt to finally write “poetry” I know this is not good enough.. and yet I love the first stanza.. what do you say ?

Spewing rubbish!

To see is not to see.

To be is not to be.

To lie is to say the truth

And to be honest is hornet’s nest

Let me just not see.

Let me just not be

I wonder what is this about

Nonsense I seem to spout!

But if randomness is not random

Wouldn’t that just mean

Something is yet to be gleaned?

I surround myself with emptiness.

It is never empty.

For nothingness holds just that.


I find myself time and again getting lost.

I find myself.

getting lost.

If I could just borrow words.

Transcend meanings..

May be then I can leave behind

This sinking feeling.

May be then I shall

Expel this “if” and this “may be”

From my vocabulary.

If only!